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The CFO Council of Savannah provides a trusted forum for Coastal Empire & Lowcountry Senior Financial Executives and Corporate Decision-makers to share best practices; and discuss and inform members about financial and operational issues, legal and regulatory requirements, and technology developments. The Council also provides scholarships to support the higher education goals of local university students who have declared a Major in Accounting.

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Monthly Meeting

The Savannah CFO Council meets every fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:00 to 8:45 am at the Savannah Golf Club. There is time set aside for networking followed by a breakfast buffet and presentation. The presentation qualifies for one hour of CPE.

Our Members

2 distinct groups comprise our membership:

Senior Financial Executives:

Business Executives who are responsible, directly or indirectly, for the financial management and the financial well-being of their company, and who hold decision-making authority for their enterprise. Members may include CFO's, Controllers, Presidents, Owners, CEO's, COO's, Treasurers, Senior VP's, Directors of Human Resources, or other similar roles. Up to two SFEs per company, per meeting, please. As of January 2023, the annual membership is $200.

Resource Company Representatives:

Resource companies are defined as companies that provide services and expertise related to relevant issues facing our SFEs. Representatives of resource companies are people who are not involved in the financial management or decision making of the company. They include entities who provide valuable insight as to relevant issues facing our SFE members. These companies may include Banks, Accountants, Financial Advisors, Insurance providers, Human Resource Experts, etc. One RCR per company, please. As of January 2023, the annual membership is $200.

Membership and Sponsorship Costs

Annual Dues for the calendar year are $200.00. Single meeting dues are $35.00. Meeting sponsorship cost is $500.00.

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