Membership Information

If you are new to the CFO Council or have not attended a meeting in the last 18 months, we encourage you to attend our next meeting free of charge.

Individual meetings are $35 for regular attendees
Annual membership dues are $200 and cover the cost of all meetings

Membership Guidelines

Senior Financial Executives (SFEs): SFEs are encouraged to attend and are defined as company management personnel who are responsible, directly or indirectly, for the financial management and financial well being of an organization. SFEs may include but are not limited to: CFO’s, Controllers, Vice President-Finance, Treasurer, President, CEO, Business Owners. etc.

Resource Company Representatives (RC): Up to 1 per company per meeting. Resource companies are defined as companies that provide services and expertise that may be of value to SFEs. Representatives of resource companies are people who are not involved in the financial management or decision making of the Company. Resource companies may include but are not limited to banks, insurance providers, lawyers, investment advisers, public accountants, colleges, staffing/recruiting, payroll providers, consultants, bookkeepers, etc.

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